Sunday, December 28, 2014

christmas on the farm

This year, we spent Christmas at Chas' parent's "farm" out in Fairview, Utah with some of his family. If there's anything that Hero loves more than being with grandparents and cousins, it's being at the farm. Plus, there was lots of presents and treats this time. So basically, Hero's ultimate fantasy come true.

And if staying at a charming, cozy farm house while watching the snow fall peacefully outside wasn't magical enough, Chas' dad is THE Father Christmas and every year creates a manger full of lit candle lights out in one of the small barns. We get all bundled up the night of Christmas Eve, walk out to the manger with the big, shining star above it, and gather around the baby cradle to sing Christmas songs. This is real life, people. Honest. THEN we go into another little barn that's FILLED with candle lights and find some presents left for the grandkids by Elves. Like what in the world?! Pretty special and all things wonderous.

Christmas morning was just so nice and mellow. We lounged about in jammies all day, went out and played in the snow some, ate yummy food, and watched White Christmas together at night. Perfect, perfect, perfect.