Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Blue Lemon Reception,

First of all, can I just tell you how awesome it was that your venue name coincided perfectly with my wedding colors? (And if you know anything about my mom, you know that wasn't an accident.) Second of all, is it bad to say that my favorite part of the night was getting to meet in person long-time blog friends? Because it really was. I just couldn't stop hugging those kindred spirits.

And, yes, the cake was ah-mazing. And those other two cakes? Oh just a chocolate hazelnut groom's cake and extra little carrot cake for kicks. Don't even worry about it.

Basically, it was no doubt the greatest party Highland, Utah has ever seen. So many, many people I love were there and, dearest reception, it was so fun to see how many people stayed such a long time. Because why would you ever want to leave all that scrumdiddily-umptious food and desserts, old friends, and rockin' blue and yellow everywhere?

Oh yeah, and we heard the moon was magically gorgeous that night. You really didn't have to do that, reception, but thanks so much for going out of your way for me and Chas.


The Lusks said...

So sad I missed it! Totally wishing I would have sucked it up and made the drive alone (well with Adney). So happy for you guys! Loves!

sam said...

So sad you missed it, too! That just means you'll have to come visit, right!?

Janssen said...

Wow, everything is beautiful! Glad it all went off without a hitch!

Merrick White said...

Everything was perfect, and you looked GORGEOUS! It was SO AWESOME to meet you in person (even though our husbands think it's a little weird :))

katie said...

LOVEd everything. It was fabulous. You are fabulous. Bryn and I are enjoying looking at all the wedding pictures together. Cakes for kicks-perfect.