Friday, June 21, 2013

here to stay & other news

sorry this blog has been neglected for the past little while. i've been busy, busy, busy doing lots of photo sessions- mommy sessions in particular! in fact, since the father's day special has been such a hit, i've decided to keep it around, permanently. i'm so excited to be able to offer more mommas a chance to get beautiful photos of them with their kid(s). EVERY mommy deserves this. :)

price includes a 30 minute session with 15 edited, high resolution images and print release. additional images may be edited and purchased for $10 each.

email me at if you'd like to book a session!

and if you haven't been over to the photo blog in a while, check it out! tons of fun stuff going on over there!


in other news, hero had her first bday party! it was just a small dinner with my family and some of chas' family. we gave hero a little cupcake but, of course, she hated it and kept pushing it away. still the cutest cupcake smash refusal ever.

i'm also just about finished with her 1-year video! i've probably watched it a gazillion times already. it's insane how much babies change during that first year.

we also had a great father's day weekend up at my family's cabin! my sister and i decided to splurge a little for our favorite daddys and surprise them with ATV rentals for the day. we rode up the mountain side all together and then let chas and michael (my brother-in-law) go off on their own for a while. needless to say, they LOVED it! definitely one of my better good wife moments.

hmmm...what else? oh! we're getting our first official family photographs taken this evening with a photographer we really, really love. we're crossing our fingers that hero can stay her usual happy, goofy self a little past her bedtime. so excited to be in front of the camera for a change! (and when i say excited, i mean nervous.)

have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

win a free mommy session with sweet little peanut!

good morning! i'm so excited to announce that my mommy session with holly, elle, and lars is being featured on sweet little peanut!

AAAAAND...they are hosting a giveaway for a FREE mommy session with me, you, and your sweet little peanuts!

head on over to enter!

have a great tuesday :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

mothers and more

this last weekend, i had five mommy session shoots. i loved every single second of it. it's an absolute joy to get to spend just a short while in these womens' homes and see them play with and love on their babies in their own, individual way.

it's a little hard to explain but in doing these mommy session photos, i've been able to gain a whole new appreciation and respect for the amazing privilege of motherhood. mothers truly are noble, beautiful queens. what they do every day, even the most mundane tasks, is life giving and so, so vital.

i am honored to be a mother and honored to be able to give mothers a snapshot of their everyday life.


see holly & elle, lars here

see alyssa & zooey, elle here 

and be sure to check out the photo blog for all the latest sessions. lots of new ones are going up!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

father's day special

need a last minute father's day gift? or maybe a gift to yourself for being such a good mamma??

done and done. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

cake smash!

because i skipped out on the hospital pictures and newborn photograph, i thought i'd try and make up for it by baking a cake and getting some fun, non-iphone cake smash pictures. turns out, hero was NOT into it. the whole situation went into meltdown mode pretty quick. kinda a bummer. but i did manage to get a few cute shots of her before the tears came AND now chas and i have a whole cake to ourselves :) bonus.

check out more pictures here

keeping busy & other things of late

chas and i spent this past weekend up in island park, idaho (just outside of west yellowstone) shooting a family film. we stayed in the sweetest little vintage cabin right on the river, woke up early for bird watching, spotted a momma and baby moose (twice!), ate ice cream cones while hiking through the forest, and played on the dock. we are so excited about all the amazing footage we were able to capture for this film- but then again, it's not hard to get great footage when you're in such a magical place!

i'm also staying busy with photo shoots and can't tell you how much i'm loving it! yesterday a friend emailed me and asked how i stay on top of it all with our film business, photography, and my life as a wife and mother. i told her that i'm the type of person that thrives when i'm working hard and staying busy. i love having something that i'm focused on building and learning and kinda go crazy if i feel like i'm not meeting those needs for myself. chas and hero, of course, will always come first but that doesn't mean that i don't take advantage of hero's stellar long naps during the day and edit to my heart's content!

speaking of hero, she turned 1 yesterday! i cannot even believe it's been a whole year since becoming a momma. today i'm gonna do a little cake smash photo shoot with her and then, on saturday, we're having a small family party for her at my parent's house. i'm also working on putting the finishing touches on her 1 year video so keep your eyes peeled for a whole lotta cutest coming your way!

and one last thing. i was able to finally spend some time on my photo blog yesterday and did a lot of updates. so if you're curious about pricing and whatnot, be sure to check it out!

have a great day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

did another mommy session this morning

and hero napped for three hours this afternoon so i was able to edit all the pics from the shoot right after!

see the full post here 

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Monday, June 3, 2013

new film! herem family

we recently were asked by the amazing photographer, jen herem, to do a family film for her beautiful family. the herems were sealed in the salt lake temple together as a forever family just this past friday and jen wanted a film to commemorate the joyous occasion.

ok. and can you even believe how handsome and stylin her boys are?!
and her sweet baby girl, milo. oh man. killin me!

enjoy the film!