Tuesday, December 30, 2014

pre-christmas morning

First thing's first: we didn't do a Christmas tree this year. We were out of town for two weekends in December and didn't want to risk it dying on us. So the tree thing just didn't happen. Lame? Probably. (Although I'm definitely not missing the post-Christmas clean up!)

Moving on. 

Since this was the first year Hero's been old enough to know or care about Christmas presents, this was the first year we did the whole Santa enchilada. And I'll be the first to say I got a little carried away. I never knew how much FUN it would be to find gifts for your child that you just know they will love and enjoy! So I went overboard but hey- she was a really, really good girl this year and everything I bought was on sale so whatevs. Chas and I have since decided to only do two or three presents total next year. At one point during our "real" Christmas morning at the farm, I asked Hero if she wanted to open another present and she quickly and politely declined: "No, thanks." So, ya know, live and learn. 

All this is to say that because we had more than just a few presents, we decided to split up Christmas morning into two days: one at home on Dec. 24th with just our family and one at the farm the next day. In reality, there were actually three separate present openings because we stopped by my parent's house on the way to the farm so Hero could open the presents from my mom and dad. 

I think the magic of Christmas morning may be more for the parents (and grandparents) than it is for the kids. 

But, nevertheless, it IS pretty dang magical. It was really fun playing Santa and setting up the presents around the tree and remembering how my parents did the exact same thing for me for so many years and how much I loved it. Lots of nostalgia and feeling like real, grown up parents for the first time in a way. And then bringing her into the living room that morning and just watching her face and reaction to it all. Pretty sure she was mostly still a bit confused by the whole experience but definitely happy. She especially loved the train set and I'll never tire of hearing her say, "Choo choo! All aboard!"

After presents I made a special Christmas breakfast of pancakes (of which I burnt almost all of them) and cheesy eggs. And then we packed everyone up and were off to the farm!

Monday, December 29, 2014

holiday snugs

This Christmas break has been probably my favorite to-date. Super mellow. So much family snugs. There really isn't anything better in the whole world than the four of us all cuddled up together.

I've got lots of posts filled with photos of our holiday festivities- just need to find some time to sit down and write my thoughts for each post. Chas also had the brilliant idea to start writing his own thoughts in these blogs posts as well. Dang-jiggity I love that guy. Really excited to start having this space be a family record from both our perspectives.

So stay tuned- plenty more coming soon!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

christmas on the farm

This year, we spent Christmas at Chas' parent's "farm" out in Fairview, Utah with some of his family. If there's anything that Hero loves more than being with grandparents and cousins, it's being at the farm. Plus, there was lots of presents and treats this time. So basically, Hero's ultimate fantasy come true.

And if staying at a charming, cozy farm house while watching the snow fall peacefully outside wasn't magical enough, Chas' dad is THE Father Christmas and every year creates a manger full of lit candle lights out in one of the small barns. We get all bundled up the night of Christmas Eve, walk out to the manger with the big, shining star above it, and gather around the baby cradle to sing Christmas songs. This is real life, people. Honest. THEN we go into another little barn that's FILLED with candle lights and find some presents left for the grandkids by Elves. Like what in the world?! Pretty special and all things wonderous.

Christmas morning was just so nice and mellow. We lounged about in jammies all day, went out and played in the snow some, ate yummy food, and watched White Christmas together at night. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

casual tuesday

All three of us stayed in our jammies all day today. (Although, I DID shower. And Goldie ALWAYS wears jammies.) Still. Was nice to have a quiet, cozy day together. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

winter pi-nic-nic


Last week, the weather was so wonderful and warm, warm, warm for December in Utah. Like 60 degrees warm! One afternoon, I took the girls on a walk around the block. Then we came home, put Goldie down for a nap, and it was still heaven outside so Hero and I decided to have a little front yard "pi-nic-nic!" 

With Monkey and our favorite snack fare in tow (cheese, raisins, and crackers), and a sipper cup of milk, we turned on the Christmas lights, laid out the blanket, and munched and chatted. After having our fill of snacks, Hero practiced her "magic tricks" on the grass. Then she had the brilliant idea to have a dance party. I turned on some music on my phone (volume all the way up!) and the two of us twirled and twirled and twirled. Dancing like nobody's watching out in public with my little Hero girl is one of the very best things in this world. 

Love these small, marvelous moments of living life to the very fullest.