Monday, July 22, 2013

a year ago and a year from now

lately, i've been feeling so, so blessed. 

last night chas and i were snugging and talking in bed. 

"just think back to exactly this time last year," i told him. 

we were just beginning to play around with the idea of starting a videography business. and, because i'm a mover and a shaker, the "contemplation phase" lasted for a whole 24 hours before i started to put a plan in motion for kelly arts films. we started with nothing and have spent the past year working very hard to build our little business exactly how we want it to be. we've gone from 0 films made to nearly 40 films. we've done weddings, family films, photographer promos, kickstarter videos, and engagement films. we've filmed underwater and done stop motion. we've traveled to LA and west yellowstone to shoot films. once an empty calendar has become more and more full with fun projects in the works! 

and then there's been the recent development of my new-found love for photography. i really can't tell you how much i enjoy photography. i've always been "artsy" and, over the years, it's been interesting and exciting to see where my creative endeavors have taken me. starting out almost 10 years ago working on a BA in visual arts (emphasis in painting and drawing), and then to a small etsy shop selling my original art and prints, to commissioned portraits, to a master's degree in art therapy counseling, to writing a book, starting a film biz with chas, and now photography. what a journey! i feel so grateful to still be on the road of creative development and hope that i will always be able to continue to make time for this very, very important and life-giving part of my heart and soul. as a momma, photography gives me not only a chance to be creative but also a chance to get out of the house, on my own, and interact with others. and then, the work i do at home in the form of editing is a lovely way to spend my time when hero is sleeping. it's truly such a blessing for me in so many ways. it makes me feel happy and fulfilled as a whole person. 

"if all that has happened in just one year, imagine what the next year has in store for us!" 

and then chas and i both smiled a little uncontrollably at that thought. 

but, let me just say, that we've worked and worked and worked for every single bit of this happiness, excitement and small success that we've experienced. we've invested money into camera equipment, a nice printer, editing software, and mentorships with both a professional videographer and photographer. we've worked with a designer to create business logos, upgraded to custom packaging, written contracts, and designed websites. it's definitely been a journey and learning experience with every step being an important part of the process. 

working hard is the best. 

we are happy. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

NYC mini sessions!

we're coming to NYC and have scheduled time for some mini photo sessions!

all the info is on the photo blog here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

2 fun things

1. i've had a shoot reschedule so am offering a last-minute booking discount for tomorrow- thursday! i have time to do up to 2 sessions so if you've been wanting to get some pics of your kiddos, family, love dove, me at asap!

2. my photos of stacey's golden bday party are being featured on the sweetest occasion this morning! so much fun to see my work picked up by such an awesome blog!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

book update

man, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind! things are still pretty busy (chas stayed up until past 3am last night editing) but my days are a bit more mellow this week which means i finally have time to do a real update on my blog!

so let's talk about my book.

i've heard back from both publishers that i submitted it to dice. both were actually SUPER close to accepting it. in fact, i actually received a personal voicemail from one of the publisher's marketing publicists. he was asked to read it after they had discussed my manuscript in a production meeting and as soon as he finished, he called me personally and left the most AMAZINGLY kind, generous, positive voicemail ever. i basically have the whole message memorized, i've listened to it so many times. in it, he tells me again and again how much he loved my manuscript, how he feels like a better person for having read it, and how it made his whole night just reading it. and THEN, a few days later, the acquisitions editor from that same publisher emailed me to let me know they were very interested in publishing it. so you can imagine how utterly disappointed i felt when, later that same week, i was informed that, in the end, they had decided not to publish my book.

both that publisher and the second publisher (who i just heard back from a few days ago) said they ultimately rejected the manuscript because they felt it would be a bit too difficult to market (it being geared towards such a specific niche group). feeling like i was SO close to the finish line only to find out that i'm actually still quiet a ways away from publication has been frustrating and disheartening BUT i'm not quitting. i feel like i've been given a great blessing of peace, comfort, and confidence that the most right answer for my book is still out there, that things are still waiting to happen for it. i just need to keep moving forward and discover what those things are.

so i'm starting to do some research on the possibility of self-publishing an e-book. thus far, it seems like the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient means of getting the book out there for people. but since i don't have a publishing company's professional editor combing through my manuscript, helping to perfect it for publication, i'm left to find a great editor myself. so that's where i'm at now. looking for an editor, preferably LDS, who i can hire to help me get my manuscript where it needs to be. i'm also on the hunt for a designer to help me create an awesome book cover design.

so things are definitely in the works and i'm excited to be able to keep working on trying to make this whole book thing really and truly happen.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Instagram giveaway!

Good morning! I'm so excited to announce my first ever Instagram giveaway! Just follow @samajama and hashtag #skpgiveaway for a chance to win a FREE lifestyle photo session with Samantha Kelly Photography!

Individuals, couples, families are all welcome to enter. Winner announced Friday evening. Good luck!