Monday, February 9, 2015

conversations with my hero [episode 2]

Finished editing this last night. Enjoy!

Watch Episode 1 HERE

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Una Buona Domenica (A Good Sunday)

*Chas takes the mic*
Test, 1, 2, test test, Sam n' Chas blog mic check...

Well, today was a really great Sunday. From top to bottom it was just good.

We woke up BEFORE the girls at about 7am so that we could get ready for the new Sunday schedule of 9am church. (And yes, we realize that we're very fortunate that our kiddos sleep in about 2 hours later than most.) Once we were pretty much ready to go, we woke up Hero at 8am since we knew she would take about thirty minutes to eat her cream of wheat. Forty minutes later, Hero finished her breakfast and we hustled and got the girls ready to go. We could hardly believe that we were all loaded in the car at 8:55 and made it to church on time. Woot woot.

Apart from the early block schedule, church was also different because after over a year of being in Primary (teaching seven year olds), Sam and I have been called to teach Gospel Doctrine in Sunday School. So after attending Priesthood/Relief Society for the first time in ages, we team taught a small class of wonderful brothers and sisters of our ward. Oh man, it was so nice. Not to bash our previous calling--there were wonderful spiritual moments from being in the primary and getting to know some really sweet kiddos--but this new calling was a most welcome change. For instance, none of our class members were sulking in the corner, chewing on their clothes or tying their dress to the chair--not even for a second! It was great! The Spirit was strong and everybody in the class seemed genuinely happy to be there and listen and participate and just soak in the goodness as we discussed the importance of the New Testament and our Savior's mission and ministry. Sam and I are looking forward to a great year in Sunday School. It's also great because it will make us better about scripture study. Much better than we have been. And I love that we get to teach together. Sam is a master teacher, so I'll mostly be taking notes, but I'm really glad we get to share in yet another calling. All couples should be so lucky.

When we got home from church we tried to rally a tired Hero to eat her lunch and were only semi-successful. Eventually we all were able to take a much needed and appreciated nap that lasted a glorious couple of hours.

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa Card's house for a wonderful spaghetti dinner with the Rieses, Rosie, Liz and a ward member/friend from the Cards' ward. It was all very pleasant. Goldie didn't even have any stranger-danger-scream-for-an-hour-freak-out as she's been prone to in recent months. We all just had a nice time eating and talking. And we washed it all down with chocolate milk shakes that Sam made to perfection.

We came home. One last snack for Hero. Golds topped off a bottle. Girls were down within an hour.

I even wrote a blog post.

Like I said, a really great Sunday.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

ginger babies

Last week, we did our first family cookie baking and decorating experience. Hero's named ginger bread cookies "ginger babies." A few days after Christmas but better late than never!

We played Christmas music while we cut out the dough and Chas and Hero danced together in the kitchen while the cookies baked. One of those moments of pure family joy.