Thursday, April 29, 2010

in which we discover photo booth

Chas loves playing photo booth. 

All the time.
Even when he's on the phone.

I hate singing. I only like rapping.

This is true. 

Last night, after prayers were said, and just before scripture reading started, Chas and I laid in bed...rapping. The rhymes were started by me, of course. You see, ever since working with the jail birds last year, I like listening to rap. A lot. And now, I've listened to certain raps so many times that I can spit mad lyrics like it's hot, yo. Chas said that I sound like a little girl when I rap. This is probably true. Homeboy also had the brilliant idea of rapping to our future children at night instead of reading bedtime stories. Like I said- brilliant.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

last lesson

I just finished calculating grades and submitting every last one of them. Do you know what that means? It means I am officially all done with being a teacher. All done.

Also, I found Chas' secret candy stash...and may have celebrated a bit...

Last night, after dealing with a particularly difficult student's last bit of weirdness, I was feeling pretty yucky inside and like a not very good professor. One of those times when even though you know you've tried your absolute best in a tricky situation, and haven't done really anything wrong, you still feel like it's somehow all your fault. It made me sad to think of ending the semester on such a negative note of confrontation. What I didn't know, was there was the most perfect email waiting for me at home.

It was from a student.

She expressed immense gratitude for me and my class. She said that from now on, I will be that one teacher who made a difference in her life for good. She said enrolling in my class was the best decision she's ever made because of the knowledge and sense of personal empowerment she's gained.
She said her life is better because of me.  

Total tender mercy.
Kinda made all the drama this semester worth it. Kinda made me want to keep teaching...Kinda.
Mostly, it made me want to be sure to always express my own appreciation and gratitude to the people who make my life better.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bee there

Just ordered 100 of these prints. Get excited.

look what I found

Chas and family are die hard Yanks. That 4 year-old photo of me documented probably the only time in. my. life. that I've worn any semblance of sport's paraphernalia. And it just so happens it's a BoSox hat. Also, I may or may not have baby love spirits for that one Phillie's pitcher...can't remember his name... 
Just sayin'.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I count my blessings instead of sheep.

1. a husband who vacuums the entire apartment without being asked
2. a husband who helps my feet not be so coldy paws
3. a husband who holds me when I cry my eyes out after watching Hotel Rwanda (violent movies are the worst)
4. the rad Zupas we discovered just a few blocks away. It looks and feels like you're clubbin at the Roxbury inside.
5. the pina-colada slurpee at  the 7-11 down the street is awesome
6. we have the cutest apartment in the world
7. we both have jobs that we love
8. I am giving my last final this week. Fewf.
9. Trader Joe's pumpkin bread paired with strawberry ice cream
10. unexpectedly coming across the hippie earth fest during a walk in Liberty Park
11. being able to get the chocolate I spilled on the couch out of the cushion
12. speaking of chocolate- pretty sure I had at least two fun size candy bars every day last week. Grateful for that.
13. weekly art therapy supervision seriously feeds my soul
14. kinda like bubble gum bubble baths
15. and the baby duckling faces we saw at Liberty Park

Friday, April 23, 2010

Remember when I lived here?

But then this happy thing happened...

And I had to say goodbye to the place I grew to love so, so much. The place that fed my soul when I was all alone. No other place will ever mean more to me. My heart always aches to be there but right now I miss it so much I almost can't stand it. Almost.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

the best part about spring time

Seersucker is finally back in my life.

Those ones, on that boy, to be exact.


He is all done with school (happy).

Which means they are moving to Cali in two weeks (sad).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

is so fun, is so fun, is so fun.

Framing and hanging pictures in the living room, that is.

Wedding pics, Chas's film's awards, and my birthday present to Chas. 
I like this game. 

the semester is almost over

and it will likely be my last. At least for a while. Teaching college has been a fun adventure and I really do enjoy it...most of the time. But right now, if I'm going to be doing two different jobs, I want one to be an art therapist and the other to be an artist. Those are the two things that give me the most satisfaction and joy. So it's time for teaching to move over and make some room. As I'm saying so long, farewell to being Mrs. Professor, I'd like to make a few lists in honor of my past year in front of the class. 

Things I will miss most about teaching: 
 Proving a student front of the class (but only if the student is the cocky/bratty/always-trying-to-engage-me-in-a-power-struggle type)
The creative stress soothers students bring in to share with everyone (my favorites this semester included homemade chicken soup and bread, painting finger nails, reading children's books, watching Flight of the Conchords, a student bringing in her puppy for everyone to play with, making Valentine's Day cards, country dancing, and hitting a punching bag)
The most amazing acupuncturist guest speaker. Seriously, she blows everyone's minds. 
The looks on every student's face when I walk up to the front of the room the first day of class
Going over the syllabus for the first time and knowing that I'm the only person in the room who doesn't have to do a single assignment
Making everyone watch this (my stress soother)

Things I will definitely not miss most about teaching:
Inserting grades into a spreadsheet
Calculating grades (actually, I kinda do like that part for some reason) 
Students trying to prove me wrong
Getting yelled at and totally disrespected (yeah, that happened)
To be honest, having to watch the same group presentations over and over again is getting pretty boring although sometimes some students are more creative which helps to mix it up
The drive to Utah Valley

It seems that the good outweighs the bad. Which, in retrospect, I'd say is pretty accurate.
Also, right as I'm finishing this post, the Beatles' Blackbird just happened to start playing on Pandora. Perfect timing as always, my Blackbird friend.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

this little sis...

has been called to serve in the Mesa, Arizona mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

And this big sis couldn't be more proud.
I totally called it, by the way.

Easter weekend

We stayed with the Kelly's. First of all, I pretty much ate my weight in cookies, cookie dough, frozen yogurt, peanut M&M's, and chocolate eggs. Second of all, it was General Conference. Third of all, my family came for a Card-Kelly dinner Sunday night. Which is all to say, it was basically the best weekend in a while.

As both families were sitting around, having the grandest of grande times together, it surprised me a bit at how natural and familiar it felt to be all together. And then I remembered that the Cards and Kellys have kinda been doing this since we were little. So we should be pretty good at it by now.

And this, my friends, is the reason why I always gain a solid three pounds whenever we stay at the Kelly's house.

Totally worth it, by the way.

not likely

When does it ever happen that your in-laws are some of your long-time bff's?

Probably about as likely as Chas and Parker being able to take a normal picture together.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

this is what happens

when you buy a scooter, have to anxiously wait 10 long days to bring it home, and...

you live in Utah.