Thursday, April 15, 2010

the semester is almost over

and it will likely be my last. At least for a while. Teaching college has been a fun adventure and I really do enjoy it...most of the time. But right now, if I'm going to be doing two different jobs, I want one to be an art therapist and the other to be an artist. Those are the two things that give me the most satisfaction and joy. So it's time for teaching to move over and make some room. As I'm saying so long, farewell to being Mrs. Professor, I'd like to make a few lists in honor of my past year in front of the class. 

Things I will miss most about teaching: 
 Proving a student front of the class (but only if the student is the cocky/bratty/always-trying-to-engage-me-in-a-power-struggle type)
The creative stress soothers students bring in to share with everyone (my favorites this semester included homemade chicken soup and bread, painting finger nails, reading children's books, watching Flight of the Conchords, a student bringing in her puppy for everyone to play with, making Valentine's Day cards, country dancing, and hitting a punching bag)
The most amazing acupuncturist guest speaker. Seriously, she blows everyone's minds. 
The looks on every student's face when I walk up to the front of the room the first day of class
Going over the syllabus for the first time and knowing that I'm the only person in the room who doesn't have to do a single assignment
Making everyone watch this (my stress soother)

Things I will definitely not miss most about teaching:
Inserting grades into a spreadsheet
Calculating grades (actually, I kinda do like that part for some reason) 
Students trying to prove me wrong
Getting yelled at and totally disrespected (yeah, that happened)
To be honest, having to watch the same group presentations over and over again is getting pretty boring although sometimes some students are more creative which helps to mix it up
The drive to Utah Valley

It seems that the good outweighs the bad. Which, in retrospect, I'd say is pretty accurate.
Also, right as I'm finishing this post, the Beatles' Blackbird just happened to start playing on Pandora. Perfect timing as always, my Blackbird friend.

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