Sunday, April 25, 2010

I count my blessings instead of sheep.

1. a husband who vacuums the entire apartment without being asked
2. a husband who helps my feet not be so coldy paws
3. a husband who holds me when I cry my eyes out after watching Hotel Rwanda (violent movies are the worst)
4. the rad Zupas we discovered just a few blocks away. It looks and feels like you're clubbin at the Roxbury inside.
5. the pina-colada slurpee at  the 7-11 down the street is awesome
6. we have the cutest apartment in the world
7. we both have jobs that we love
8. I am giving my last final this week. Fewf.
9. Trader Joe's pumpkin bread paired with strawberry ice cream
10. unexpectedly coming across the hippie earth fest during a walk in Liberty Park
11. being able to get the chocolate I spilled on the couch out of the cushion
12. speaking of chocolate- pretty sure I had at least two fun size candy bars every day last week. Grateful for that.
13. weekly art therapy supervision seriously feeds my soul
14. kinda like bubble gum bubble baths
15. and the baby duckling faces we saw at Liberty Park

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The Lusks said...

Wow you are a lucky girl :) Love you!