Thursday, April 29, 2010

I hate singing. I only like rapping.

This is true. 

Last night, after prayers were said, and just before scripture reading started, Chas and I laid in bed...rapping. The rhymes were started by me, of course. You see, ever since working with the jail birds last year, I like listening to rap. A lot. And now, I've listened to certain raps so many times that I can spit mad lyrics like it's hot, yo. Chas said that I sound like a little girl when I rap. This is probably true. Homeboy also had the brilliant idea of rapping to our future children at night instead of reading bedtime stories. Like I said- brilliant.

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Eliza said...

So..lay it on us! I want to hear a Sam/Chas Kelly rap!! I bet they are truly RADICAL!