Sunday, June 9, 2013

mothers and more

this last weekend, i had five mommy session shoots. i loved every single second of it. it's an absolute joy to get to spend just a short while in these womens' homes and see them play with and love on their babies in their own, individual way.

it's a little hard to explain but in doing these mommy session photos, i've been able to gain a whole new appreciation and respect for the amazing privilege of motherhood. mothers truly are noble, beautiful queens. what they do every day, even the most mundane tasks, is life giving and so, so vital.

i am honored to be a mother and honored to be able to give mothers a snapshot of their everyday life.


see holly & elle, lars here

see alyssa & zooey, elle here 

and be sure to check out the photo blog for all the latest sessions. lots of new ones are going up!

1 comment:

Bernardette T said...

So cute kiddos. I love their curly hair. I am jealous with these snapshots, I don't have any good picture together with my mom. I wish to have one.

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