Friday, June 21, 2013

here to stay & other news

sorry this blog has been neglected for the past little while. i've been busy, busy, busy doing lots of photo sessions- mommy sessions in particular! in fact, since the father's day special has been such a hit, i've decided to keep it around, permanently. i'm so excited to be able to offer more mommas a chance to get beautiful photos of them with their kid(s). EVERY mommy deserves this. :)

price includes a 30 minute session with 15 edited, high resolution images and print release. additional images may be edited and purchased for $10 each.

email me at if you'd like to book a session!

and if you haven't been over to the photo blog in a while, check it out! tons of fun stuff going on over there!


in other news, hero had her first bday party! it was just a small dinner with my family and some of chas' family. we gave hero a little cupcake but, of course, she hated it and kept pushing it away. still the cutest cupcake smash refusal ever.

i'm also just about finished with her 1-year video! i've probably watched it a gazillion times already. it's insane how much babies change during that first year.

we also had a great father's day weekend up at my family's cabin! my sister and i decided to splurge a little for our favorite daddys and surprise them with ATV rentals for the day. we rode up the mountain side all together and then let chas and michael (my brother-in-law) go off on their own for a while. needless to say, they LOVED it! definitely one of my better good wife moments.

hmmm...what else? oh! we're getting our first official family photographs taken this evening with a photographer we really, really love. we're crossing our fingers that hero can stay her usual happy, goofy self a little past her bedtime. so excited to be in front of the camera for a change! (and when i say excited, i mean nervous.)

have a fantastic weekend!


LaynahRose said...

I already know her first year video is going to be epic!

Marloes said...

I love seeing your project is working out so well! And the photographs you take a really lovely :)

sarah marie said...

Your photos are so beautiful... wish we lived in your state and I'd be all over this mommy session deal!