Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear Provo Orem Word,

Thanks a bazillion for choosing my very own "Flying Dad" to be on the cover of your first issue!

This is the contributor's page. Anyone recognize that face on the far, far right?

On Saturday, Chas and I hit up the official launch party of the magazine at Communal. CJane blogged about attending the event as well and said that she felt , "a little out of place as Provo's finest writers and culture pioneers came in through the door. It was as if we were watching the red carpet arrivals in Provo's cultural scene."

Ummm...can I just say a few things here?

1. I'll admit, a few faces looked familiar to me at the party BUT...
2. When the editor of this new magazine contacted me about being on the cover of the first issue because I am "a well-respected artist in the community and being on the cover would give the magazine a lot of clout," I never ever thought it was that legit. (I mean, my work giving something clout?) But then I went to the launch party and thought to myself, "Hey self, there are a lot of pretty awesome-seeming people here. This whole thing might be a little bigger deal than you had originally thought." And then I read CJane's assessment of the party/people in attendance. And now I know, The Provo Orem Word is too legit to quit.
3. Having said all that, it gives me proud little butterflies inside my tummy knowing that in the midst of all these "red carpet" peeps of the Provo cultural scene, my- yes, MY- painting is on the cover!

The original "Flying Dad" hung in Communal for the launch party Saturday. Assuming it would be taken down immediately afterwards, I crossed my fingers that it might stay up for dinner and the duration of the night. Then I got an email from Communal's curator informing me that he had wanted the painting to get more exposure so he left up during dinner that night AND AND AND will let it hang for a while longer as well!

Holy crap.
So if you're in Utah Valley, go to Communal. You'll eat the best food the area has to offer AND see my painting hanging next to an original Brian Kershisnik piece! (Happy squeals!)


ZLB said...

holy awesome town sam!!! this is so so great! but i just have to point out that DUH of course you are on the red carpet whose who of provo culture scene! you rock!

Leah and Daniel said...

Way to go Sam!! That's so cool!

Merrick White said...

Holy cow, that is SO awesome!!

noelle said...

Sam, Congratulations with everything- you deserve it! Beehive Bazaar is happy to help talented gals get on the cover of magazines!