Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear Dave Matthews and Millie,

Thanks for being my inspiration.


DMB's song, "You & Me"



Mayce said...

I love this! This is my favorite painting of yours (from the ones i've seen) It's so amazing! Way to go!

sam said...

Thanks, May!

It's my new fave, too! Great minds think alike, eh?

The Lusks said...

I love it! Your paintings are always so full of life.

Brynn said...

Sammi! I'm so glad you directed me to your blog because now I am in love! And holy smokes, I'll be darned if yours isn't the cutest newlywed apartment in the history of newlywed apartments. I think we should change our lunch date location to SLC, Utah, so I can see your cutified digs with my own two eyes!

Also, can I just say that I love that you love my brother?

Jenn said...

Beautiful! I love this. I may have to pay you for a painting some day, if you would do that sort of thing for me...

Merrick said...

Love it!!!

Eliza said...

we love this!! but Millie was a little disappointed that they girl didn't have "yellow hair" like hers.


But seriously, Millie has a real thing for yellow hair. I am surprised that she accepts me as her mother, as my hair is not blond.

It is really fun and full of life, Sam.

Me loves!