Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear tummy,

Sometimes you're the worst. Like today. I was up and at 'em earlier than usual and at work ready for a good, productive day full of groups, writing assessments, treatment reviews, and discharge summaries. But half-way through my first group, you started to feel not-so-happy inside. Way too rumbly for your own good. Then it was suddenly way too hot in the group room and I could feel my face get progressively more pale (hate that feeling). 

Thank goodness for a husband who's willing to drop everything, leave work, and come get me in a flash. The good news is we made it all the way home without having to stop and pull over...gross-y. 

The bad news is I'm actually pretty bummed I had to miss so much work today. I really do love my art therapist job. Also, it's a sunny, beautimous day outside. Perfect for an early evening Family Night stroll with the Mr. 
Such weather is not perfect for lying in bed and/or the bathroom floor. 



The Lusks said...

Feel better Sami's tummy!

Eliza said...

So sad. Bad, Tummy! Bad, Tummy! I hope you feel MUCH better tomorrow or sooner even.

On a happier note it made your sis in law ever so happy to see you say
"Dangjiggity" in this post. You used it PERFECTLY! Such a glorious Chassy word! I still remember the first time that Allison said, "Jimbles!" which is something Ian always says. I don't know why such things make me so happy, but they just do!! I am sure you know what I mean - when Chas or Michale say Card-isms - it just feels like they are one of the merry band.

True, no?

So sad you are sick - but so happy you are married to the man who says, "Dangjiggity".

Rose said...

i hate our guts