Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Even though I have a killer sore throat,

today was a good day. Productive days always feel good.

I only had one adolescent group this afternoon so the morning was spent sleeping in a bit and playing clean the apartment game. I vacuumed, washed windows, the dining room table, and all the dishes. I even had time to start reading a new book (more about that later, I'm sure). After work, we forced ourselves to do what we hate most in this world: grocery shopping. It's seriously the worst. This morning, I texted Chas, "I love you like we hate Smith's." We always go shopping together just to give each other the moral support. Strength in numbers. This time, even though our shopping cart ended up looking like we'd be feeding a family of five, we were actually done rather quickly. Now our fridge, pantry, and storage compartment under the dining table bench are stocked full. A little after 9pm, Chas suggested we make banana nut coconut muffins. OK, I love you. We turned on some music and whipped up these lil' pups. Our first real baking experience was a surprising success.

I'll have two please.

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