Thursday, May 6, 2010

just another Thursday night with homeboy

Tonight, Chas came home from playing a little bball. He was wearing his baggy bball shorts. And what do ballers with baggy shorts do best? Rap.


As I'm on my laptop typing this, he is sitting on the home computer next to me. He's rapping. We've been rapping for a little while now tonight. When you're rapping, it's important to know how to move your arms like your in a hardcore music video.

Here's our playlist:

B.O.B (feat. Hayley Williams and Eminem): Airplanes, Part II
T.I. (feat. Rhianna): Live your Life
Keri Hilson, Neyo, and Kanye: Love Knocks you Down
Coldplay (feat. Jay-Z): Lost +
Eminem: Lose Yourself
Justin Bieber: One Time*

*Chas does not endorse this being added to the playlist but, let's be honest, I love me some little JB.   

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