Sunday, June 6, 2010

now that's more like it

This weekend makes up for the embarrassment that was last weekend.

We basically never spend money to see movies in the theater (they are almost never worth it) but we thought that shelling out the 9 bones each would be a more than worthy cause if it only helped us avoid a repeat of last Friday. So we saw Babies. Chas told me it's an observational documentary. Translation: all babies all the time. Mostly made me want to be a mom real bad.

The rest of the weeked we took a few little scootie rides, took Archie on a walk, found the babiest little bird on the walk, took the baby bird home, thought seriously- albeit briefly- about keeping it and raising it as my very own, read on a website that doing so would probably not end up so well for the baby bird, decided to take the baby bird back to where we found it, was finally able to pull myself away from the baby bird and let the circle of life run its course, went out for Thai food, watched our new Netflix (She's the Man), made cinnamon pecan waffles with icing drizzle and cinnamon sugar, took a nap, were social at a ward ice cream social, and sat out on our front steps watching the evening rain fall and listening to the thunder.

There may have been a connection between me seeing Babies on Friday night and then wanting to adopt the baby bird on Saturday. Maybe.


Emily said...

Yay!! It's BABY TIME!! :) j/k j/k I heard that was a really cute show, and I totally want to see it, but I know it's not going to be good for me, so I'm trying to obstain.
When are we going to go on a double date already?! We need to do that!

P.S. - Just so you know, I reeeeally want you to have a baby now, for my own selfish reasons. :)

Janssen said...

Wait, but where is the recipe for those waffles? I NEEEEEED it.

The Lusks said...

Baby hunger! I love it. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!