Wednesday, August 11, 2010

shooting stars

A coworker was telling me this evening how now's the time to go up the canyon and watch the on-going meteor shower. Apparently, tomorrow night is when the peak is supposed to happen. Then I realized that today, August 11th, marks the one year anniversary of our first kiss. The same stars were falling over our heads last year. You can bet we're driving up the canyon late, late tomorrow night to, once again, lay on our backs and fall in love under shooting stars. 

And just for kicks and a little nostalgia, here's my post written one year ago about that glorious evening. 

I ended this perfect day lying on a blanket in the cold, cold Provo canyon grass. Looking up for hours, I watched the best, most magical meteor shower ever. Sometimes, I would close my eyes and imagine the falling stars were my very own confetti being thrown down on me from the night. Once, I tried to think of a wish to make as a star shot across the sky. Funny thing is though, nothing came to mind. Life is just that good right now and I am a very grateful girl.

Ditto to everything I said then except maybe the one thing I'd wish for would be a full-time job with benefits for one of us. That'd be nice.

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