Friday, September 17, 2010

coming soon...

The past two weeks, I've been working full-time crazy. Last week was really hard, this week was really great. Weird. At any rate, all this worky work has gotten in the way of some very important blog posts. And, no, I don't have time today either to write them but I thought I could at least make a list of some posts-in-waiting. 

What I found waiting for me outside my door one day

Littlest sister, Liz, is a rockstar and has exciting news

The ATR application process has officially begun 

Lessons I've learned this week as a therapist

...Get excited.


Eliza said...

I know about Lizzie because your mom and I have been exchanging emails daily - but mums the word - I wont tell a soul. Can hardly wait for the other news... don't keep us waiting too long, deal?

candace said...

oh please hurry up!
also--after this week I should have a better feel for Christian's schedule...then we'll set a date for all four of us to party (well, more like just sit around and talk and probably eat some good food--that's a party, right?)