Saturday, October 9, 2010

3-man circus!

We're usually not that into Halloween but we made an exception for Amanda's party. 
 Chas found this jacket at D.I., tried it on, and....

 amazing things happened.
(Notice the golf club covers for monkey feet.)

Liz was already wearing a gray sweatshirt so obviously she was going to be the elephant. I guess it was meant to be because we found this inflatable gem on the floor of the stuffed animals aisle.

 Strapped it to her head and she's ready to go.
I'll admit, my costume was kinda lame. Oh well. Not everyone can be a dancing monkey.

 My favorite were the four seasons. Just a little obsessed with how cute they all looked together.

 Chas was especially proud of the tail he made: nylons stuffed with socks and a hanger. 
At first, he pretended like he wasn't that into the whole thing but really...

he loved it.


The Lusks said...

Abu! He is totally the monkey on Aladin.

Eliza said...

Loved the Four Seasons -- I think they should check into the Four Season hotel dressed like that one day, just for kicks.

I am impressed with my brother's commitment to his costume. Bellboy come monkey. Move over Curious George!!!!!!!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

this made me laugh so much!! thank you!!