Monday, October 4, 2010

Liesa Card vs Angus MacGyver

Brother-in-law, Michael, woke up last Sunday morning and informed Sarah he wanted to write about my mom versus MacGyver. So he did and emailed it to us all. We love Michael.

Knowledge and experience
Using only an old concrete mixer and bamboo MacGyver built a plane and flew an injured man to safety. He gained one new friend.
Using food storage and charm, Liesa has won the hearts of millions(probably more like billions) of readers and fans.

Personal Beliefs
MacGyver carried only a swiss-army-knife and duct-tape into his missions.  He refused to carry a gun as a matter of principle.
Liesa carries a testimony and a Book of Mormon.  She refuses to carry a gun because it is less intimidating than her angry eyes.

MacGyver can use paper clips and duct tape to resolve almost any situation.  Just two ingredients.
Mom can resolve almost any situation with wheat berries. Only one ingredient.

MacGyver believed that the "Phoenix Foundation" was a better solution to law enforcement than typical miltary violence.  The "Phoenix Foundation" is not real.
Liesa believes that the Gospel is the only solution for an eternal family.  Liesa's family is real.

MacGyver ran for 7 seasons plus a few made for TV movies.  Richard Dean Anderson was paid for his acting.  No animals were harmed in the making of MacGyver.
Liesa and Mike have been married for a little more than 7 years.  You can guess how much she has been paid for being a mom.  Several animals have been harmed or emotionally scarred while raising the family.

Liesa 5
MacGyver 0
In your face Angus


The Lusks said...

Bahaha! I just want to be part of your family. They are probably the coolest.

Emily said...

HAHA - Love it!!

candace said...

I love that picture. It's pure beauty.