Friday, November 5, 2010

Another request

Remember how I asked you to boost my self feel goods and click the FOLLOW button? Remember how you did? Love you. 
This is my cutie cousin, Lauren's, punkin. It's in Threadless' top 20 awesome punkins.

Maybe could you be cool and go to the facebook link here and "like" her punkin so she can win? (You have to first "like" Threadless.) The contest ends soon so she needs your help pronto! 


Anonymous said...

this is a seriously awesome pumpkin! wow. she definitely deserves to win.

love your blog! the comments about the meth lab made me crack up :)

jessica.adams said...

WOW. I seriously envy talent like that. That is AMAZING.

I also love your blog. You now have 36 followers. Hip hip, hooray! :)


Mari said...

we ended up not doing pumpkins this year because I couldn't get it together and carve anything- your niece puts us to shame! Her pumpkin is incredible!

The Toland's said...

Thanks for the complement on my blog. You are adorable, love your style, love your art, love your blog... *click follow*.

p.s. I'm currently an art student at the UofU and its so nice to see other inspiring Utah artists :)

kristin elena. said...

omg! what an AMAZING pumpkin!!!