Sunday, November 28, 2010

thankful weekend & living room

I loved everything about this weekend. Everything. And because I'm a firm believer in pictures saying a thousand ya go. 


Maybe I'm a little obsessed with my parent's newly remolded/furnished house. But seriously, it's pretty amazing. I think the living room is my favorite. Probably because I was the genius who suggested that pumpkin orange color for the sofa. 

We kinda have a lot of artists in the fam so my mom wanted to keep the walls really neutral and let the artwork be the focal point, like an art gallery theme. Almost all the art hanging is my dad's. Great, right?

Being at their house this weekend was like being engulfed in my mom's interior design skillzz and my dad's painting skillzz...and stuffing/cranberry sauce/turkey/pie...all at once. Woah.


jessica.adams said...

love, love, love he armchairs!


Eliza said...

Im dying to see your parent's pad. One day! One day!

I esp love the painting of the guy looking up at the two glowing figures (Joseph Smith, perhaps?) And was that painting ever on display at the Springfield Art gallery? I feel like I might have seen it there. Anyway, I love it.

Your parent's house looks so different. Excited for when the time comes that I can clap my eyes on it in person.

Steve and Jess said...

Ooo and I love the fabulous mustard yellow chairs :)

Young People in Love said...


You'll LOVE it. And, yes, that IS a first vision painting. And yes, it WAS at the Springville Museum.