Friday, December 10, 2010

but then again, sometimes we get out and do fun stuff on week nights

Wednesday night we took sisters Hailey and Liz to the Jazz game. For the fourth quarter, Chas and I snuck down to the 26th row in the lower bowl. We wanted to see the Heat's Wade and James up close and personal. Too bad the Jazz always choke at the last minute. 

And too bad these three crazies couldn't be there.

 I miss my sissies when they're gone.


lindsay said...

it's always nice to have a little bit of fun sometimes isn't it? or a lot of fun all the time...whichever you prefer ♥


ps i just noticed your dmb quote over there in you right sidebar. he's a fav of mine and i love this song...actually all of them are fantastic, but this one is very special!!

Nikki and Fam said...

Actually, the Jazz USUALLY come BACK at the last minute, but I'm glad you got to go! There was no covering by Nikki-I was/am still laid up with the nastiest cold ever!