Thursday, December 2, 2010

come see me!

This evening I'll be setting up my little table of art at the Beehive Bazaar.

If you live in Utah and haven't been to this, you're seriously missing out. It's a great place to find unique gifts for yourself and others (I guess). 

This year, my 8x10 fine art prints are only $10! I'll also have super discounted original paintings available. And, for the first time, amazing 20x30 posters of this print for a measly 25 bones: 

You're gonna want one of these posters. It looks soooo rad blown up huge. Trust me.
I'll be there all night so come see me!


TupeloLove said...

LOVE your artwork! So glad you found my blog, now I get to read yours!!

Amy said...

Your paintings are beautiful! Ohhh by! If only I were in Utah!

Shalyn said...

Just found your blog and thought I would let you know your paintings are AMAZING! If I had as much talent as you have in your pinky finger I would die a happy girl:-) Cute blog!

BEK said...

Awesome's always fun to see.

I'm a long time reader, but usually don't comment.. but I'm always sucked it when you post your own work. Way to go.

on a side note - I'm hosting a giveaway today on my blog - thought you might be interested

Anonymous said...

you are amazing!! and i wish san diego had something this cute. seriously, how does utah get all of the coolest craft stuff?? no fair. but you are so so talented, miss :)

Paula said...

Thank you so much for visiting Little Project Room and making me aware of your talents. Happy to be your latest follower. Paula x

ashley.warner said...

ummm....LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
what if I want one, but I can't make it?!

I'll try my best to stop by this weekend!!!