Thursday, December 30, 2010

DIY: Auntie's Tea Party

The other day, Liza and I were talking about the kind of blogs that make you feel super DIY-empowered. After browsing through some amazing before-after pics, you're suddenly thinking things like, "Oh yeah, I could totally construct my very own headboard from some wood scraps, tin cans, and masking tape. Easy peasey." Wrong. So this may or may not be one of those posts for you in that it looks effortless but, in reality, is serious bizzz-nas.

How to have an Auntie's Tea Party

Step 1. Get yourself some darling nieces. 

Step 2. Make the cutest, yummiest tiny cupcakes.

Step 3. Dress up in a pretty outfit. 

Step 4. Everyone in attendance must wear some form of large, sparkly jewlery. Bonus points for tiaras. 

Step 5. No bragging (about your tiara). 

Step 6. Speak of all things present and proper in society while sipping hot cocoa. (British accents are encouraged.)

Step 7. Enjoy soft piano background music and nibble ever so daintily on chocolate dipped strawberries.

As you can see, an Auntie's Tea Party is an involved process. 
Totally worth it.


Alexa Mae said...

Did you really do this?
You are amazing and this is the cutest thing ever!

Diana Smith said...

Ooh I love those blogs that make you feel so empowered...and those cupcakes look so good!!

Shalyn said...

How fun- I LOVED reading this! Those cupcakes look absolutely divine and your nieces are super cute!

MJ said...

mmmm those tiny cupcakes look delicious. Now I want a tea party :)

Steve and Jess said...

This is literally the best idea ever. You're so cute!

HettyA said...

How fun is that! I love the little crowns. :)

Eliza said...

tiara + cupcake - bragging = perfection (this is my kind of math!)

Where did you get the snap of Millie and Khali, I would like to have one, if wouldn't mind sending it my way.

Nuha Sofiyan said...

Tea Parties are so much fun! And those cupcakes are so yummy!

Miriam Lusk said...

Cutest thing I have ever seen!

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