Sunday, December 19, 2010

sat & sun loves

You know we have to take a picture of ourselves whenever wedding colors are involved. 
(Wedding tie, blue skinny cords, and mustard cardi.) 

Us on Saturday night. 
(I like how Chas looks plugged into the wall.)

First, we crashed a reception and ate all the food. Then we went to the Velour's Christmas show and saw Kara play. Kara really is probably one of the coolest and greatest people alive. Her music always makes my heart so, so happy. I love music like that. 

Can I just say that today has been wonderful all the way around? It started with the Christmas program at church (which included Chas singing- surprisingly well, might I add). There was a great little after-church nap with plenty of snugging. This, unfortunately, was cut short because we had to run back to church for tithing settlement. But never fear, as soon as we came home again, we jumped right back into our jammy jams and under the covers. 

I love Sundays when we just relax in bed for however long our hearts desire. There is lots of laughter, giggling, talking, counting our blessings, yelling "Baby, I love you!" a bazillion times, and just good old silliness all around. Days like today really are the best. It's like nothing else in the world needs our attention. Just us. Knowing that these kind of Sundays will surely be all but gone once babies are on the scene, makes these snug fests all the more special.

Sometimes I worry about sounding annoying and braggy when it comes speaking about my marriage. I promise I'm not trying to. It's just that life really is that amazing right now. There's no other way to say it. Besides, there's enough sadness and heartache in the world. I prefer wondrous happy love any day.

P.S. Thank you for everyone's sweet comments about the new do. I wasn't sure how I felt about the color at first but I think I kinda love it now. Thanks again for your kind, generous words!


jaimie said...

I love the braggy love posts, they make me so extra excited to get married this summer and even more excited for the constant snug fests!!

Emily said...

Posts like these make me so happy :) And make me even more of a cuddle monster with my beau. <3

Pia said...

Oh my, I wish I had a mustard cardi! Love it.

And your Sunday sounds wonderful. Reading about it made me happy.

Casey said...

Aw- that pic is adorable!

Glad you two had such a fabulous weekend!

Have a great Monday!!!


jenny said...

i am so happy for you! you just keep right on bragging :)

Lindsey Johnson said...

Big ol' :) from me.

Shalyn said...

You should never apologize for sounding "braggy" about your marriage! Its so wonderful to see two people so happy together when we live in a world of so much negative about marriage. Stay that way:-)

Nikki and Fam said...

All the other comments are so lovey, and my intention was to come and say... "They do-they go far FAR away when you have babies, so keep snuggling now!" But, I like 'em to. :) Makes me look at all the lovely things about my marriage.

Jenn said...

Bring on the lovey posts! I think we all love how happy the two of you are! Do enjoy those special Sundays. Every once in a while when the kids are napping at the same time on Sunday we snuggle and get a quick nap. So fun and totally reminds us of our newly married days! Good memories

Janssen said...

I love the happy posts. . . .keep them coming!

leigh said...

Loooooove it. Love love. :)
<3 leigh