Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the good, the bad, and the cute

Remember when I took a picture of what I wore and posted it on my blog...twice? Yikes. 

Buuuuut yet again, another successful cutie outfit day! Hooray! And I do have a good excuse for doing this weirdness. Trust me.

Good excuse #1: My outfit made me happy today. 
Good excuse #2: Something very upsetting happened today and I needed a happy, positive focus.

What was so upsetting, you ask? An evaluation from one of my students last semester. Now, don't get me wrong. This isn't the first negative evaluation I've received. You can't please everyone and, no matter how hard I try, I've found that there's almost always that one student who will strongly dislike everything and anything I do. The large majority of students, however, really enjoy me as a teacher and reading through the evaluations is generally a validating and helpful experience. This time, however, I was very surprised with one student's responses. The comments were highly negative and verbally abusive. A far cry from constructive criticism, the student was insulting and demeaning. Out right hateful from start to finish.    

Even though I knew it was totally absurd, I still kinda couldn't breathe for a little bit afterward. I had to lead a group in 10 minutes and so quickly said a bunch of little sincere prayers in my heart to untie the knots forming in my tummy. How could someone be so angry and mean? I know something that extreme isn't really about me at all but really stemming from the student's own personal issues and problems but still...it was very hurtful. 

I feel fine about it now. Truly. I went back and re-read all the glowing, positive evaluations, vented to Chas, and then quoted some of the awful lines to sister Hailey and had a good laugh.

Times like these make you realize how much you really need some rockin' army green skinnies and killer layering combos to hold on to.


Eliza said...

lets face it - that disgruntled student is clearly envious of your hot bod and your very cute outfits. throw the nastiness away, says I.

"let me not think on it" to quote dear old Bill Shakespeare.

He* had critics too, ya know. And where are they now?!

*kind of a scary thought but Shakespeare might have worn tight green pants and boots at one time in his life too. I doubt he looked as good as you do, dear sister-in-law.

What is is they say, "genius loves company".

Keep rocking the cute outfits and worry not about the small hearted, sad people of this world.


T Kelly said...

This might cheer you up!

Imagine the students comments read aloud in this manner.


Plus, the past two outfits have been ADORABLE!!

T Kelly said...

you have been *wearing *are ADORABLE!

I'm AE Jones said...

Oh... I'm SO sorry. I've had that happen to me (incredibly hateful and negative comment) and it about broke my heart. It really does kind of take your breath away. Glad you're okay. So not fun. Absolutely adore your blog - you are darling!! Definitely following.

J.Cee said...

That is a gorgeous outfit! Most stylish teacher much?

Kristin said...

LOVE your sweater! Where did you get it?

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Oh yuck, some people are such idiots. Sorry you had to go through that today. Venting to husbands & laughing with sisters is always a good solution though!

ashley.warner said...

i think you're darling!
good for you for saying some prayers, that is sometimes the only thing that can help you get through something.

just remeber, the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.
you're an AMAZINGGGGGGG lady! :)
and a very fashionable teachy!

lots of love!

Shalyn said...

I LOOOOVVVEEE the outfits you have been posting- wish I had your style! So sorry about the idiot student:-( My mom always told me people who were mean to me were just jealous, which was a lie in my case, but I am sure it is true in yours!

MJ said...

I love the outfit! Seriously cute boots!

Sorry about the evaluation! :(

Some students just get too upset and over exaggerate.

Amy said...

You look absolutely adorable!
And as far as the angry evaluation, I am guilty of giving one of those, but much so where it was deserved. It was his first year teaching math and didn't give any tests, and all grades came from group homework. Weird class & teacher, so I felt it deserving along with some other factors. But you seem like such a sweet woman and from reading your posts, you seem intelligent and capable of teaching.
So ignore the harsh evaluation, the student probably wasn't doing very well in your class because they were a slacker and just angry at them self.
Love to you!

Lora said...

fantastic outfit...in every way! sorry for the negative eval. obviously, just a very negative person. it's no fun to be them. ick. i think i told you the story once (in a comment, of course) about a student saying about me in an evaluation, "that i sure didn't dress like a marriage and family therapist", implying not that i was cute and oh-so-fashionable, but that i dressed like a hussy. yeah, that's me. ;)

keep on, keepin' on lovely lady...