Thursday, February 24, 2011

we're still happy. eat it, robbers.

Today was a good day. 

It felt satisfying and happy from start to finish. I had some free time to myself in the morning/early afternoon. Then I went into work and it ended up being one of those days where I really, really love being an art therapist. It's great when it feels like that. For dindins, Chas made us pizza. He looooves making pizza. Calls himself "the pizza man." Basically, he loves playing with the pizza dough. He had it in a big ball and was tossing it back and forth between his hands for probably five minutes straight. Probably. Love that silly pizza man.

Ever since Valentine's Day, we've made it a point to have any old dinner by eaten by candle light. Two nights ago, we had candle lit sloppy joes. Hamburger meat and tomato sauce has never been so romantic.
Sometimes we kiss when we eat pizza in the candle light. 

And what's the best thing to do when life (the robbers) got ya down? Watch a goofy movie. Literally. (And yes, I did want to write this post if only for that genius line.)

Is anyone else's childhoods partially defined by A Goofy Movie? I still know every word to every song.

The night was also filled with squeezing each other to death while basically screaming, "I love you!," dancing in the living room, and drinking chocolate milkshakes.

Hey robbers- better luck next time! Suckas!


erin said...

oh girl, i loved me some powerline.

exsoloadsolem said...


Amazing :)

S said...

A Goofy Movie has the best songs :)

Anonymous said...

My name is Cameron. And I think this picture is obscene.

But I love you guys.