Thursday, March 10, 2011

don't ya just hate it when... remember you own a very ideal winter accessory just as it's starting to get warm outside?

Poofy ball, Newsies brim, and mustard yellow. Like I said- ideal.
(Side note: Are you sick of this view yet?? I'm pretty sure this unadulterated use of Photo Booth is the direct result of not having my iPhone camera. It's embarrassing.) 

Moving on.

And don't ya just hate it when...

...your 14 year-old little sis can school you in coolness? She's playing Liesel in her middle school's production of The Sound of Music this week. We're talking about a legitsville actress, folks.

...when you try to be healthy and eat a salad? But then the salad turns into a pepperoni pizza?

(Are you seeing this, Linds???)

And lastly, don't ya just hate it when you're a student at BYU...5 years ago? Where was my Jimmer show mania experience? Huh? Huh? No fair.


Cecilia Warner said...

hahahahaha this post made me laugh. even though your salad looks like pizza its by far healthier :P was it any good? your last comment made my day. you're too funny.

much love

MJ said...

Ah. I am sick of the word "Jimmer" polluting my facebook newsfeed. But then again, I am a Ute through and through. I hope this means we can still be friends.

Cute hat!

Diana Smith said...

HEY! If we have a blog party here in Utah would you want to come? I talked about it on my blog but we want to have a bloggy meet up!! That salad looks GOOD!

Megan said...

sometimes my salads turn into mac and cheese and potato chips.

tricky tricky salad. tricky tricky.

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Those darn salads, they'll get you every time. Mine ends up being a little lettuce with tons of chicken...and dressing. xoxo

Ashley Slater said...

haha , you are hilarious! I am glad I found your blog-- new follower, duh!


candace said...

about Jimmer--my cute missionary brother wrote home telling us to beware of idol worship (and Jimmer worship) where that may be a temptation! ha ha!

also--i think your pizza salad looks delicious.