Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The 2-way camera on my iPhone is fun to play with.

I snapped these pics yesterday. While driving. On the freeway. At 80 mph. Listening to High School Musical 2.

I call it Xtreme Instagramming. 

And I look like a cop. So that's always cool, too. 

For more Xtreme (that's how you spell extreme when you mean business) coolness, I did a guest post here and over here.

Over and out. 


Gertrude said...

You're so cute! Even if you're looking like a cop :) xo

Kristina said...

Awesome guest posts and awesome photos!

Bon Bon said...

haha! Nice. You look like such an intense cop...while listening to High School Musical:-) It works! xoxo

Diana Smith said...

I wish I had the newer iphone! Thats cool you can do the 2 way camera :)

Kayla said...

Such cute guest posts!

Freckles in April

leigh said...

Hahahaha. I absolutely love it!
<3 leigh
Xtreme instagramming! Not for the faint of heart.

Meg and Joe said...

How the heck do you know Makana? Just from blogging? We grew up together in Sacramento, CA. Man this world is small! By the way, I will email you about the portrait, just as soon as my finals are over. One more to go! Loves!

Michaela said...

SO cute! I happen to adore HSM (: