Saturday, April 16, 2011

Guest post & wise words

So I forgot to tell you that I did a guest post a few days ago. Sawies. 

Check out Piece of Cake. Peace of Mind. and read the how-Sam-&-Chas-met story and find out what's Chas' most favoritest item of clothing! Enthralling, yes?

In other news,
Chas is out spring snowboarding for the day. Boooo. 
Last night, after we finished watching Step Up 3 (important detail), I was kinda sorta whining about having to spend my Saturday all alone while he's out playing. 
Then he said, "Well Sam, you should probably just try to do something fun with your life."

Yup. I probably should. 


girluntitled said...

that's husband left early this morning to do some "spring surfing"...i love living in a place where no snow can touch us!! (i grew up in canada)

Amanda said...

Oh, how funny! Wise words indeed :)

Aaron, Heather, Nora And Baby Edwards said...

pretty sure i spent the majority of today whining that my husband left to go play the whole day with his buddies and their should have come to play with me and the girls, im sure we could have found some epic adventure to conquer!

Abby said...

I always whine when my husband leaves me to be bored all alone. xoxo

meme-and-he said...

haha I have heard this from my husband far too many times...sometimes I am just lost without him! I hope you found something fun to do!

Garnish with the Bizarre said...

Hello there! Many thanks for dropping by our quaint Irish blog every once in a while and sharing. It's muchly appreciated. We love yours, it's so interesting, fresh and the photos are excellent. Not to mention your art! We don't hold a candle [or brush even...!?] to yourself!
Regardless, we'll keep reading. :)

Garnish with the Bizarre girls