Wednesday, April 6, 2011

pins & needles!

Just so you know, I teach Concepts of Stress Management at UVU. 
Chas came to visit my class last night and this is what happened. 

Needles. In. The. Ear. 

We do crazy things in my class, I tell ya. Craaaaazy things. 

I had an acupuncturist guest speaker come in and do a presentation on acupuncture (duh) and Chinese medicine. This is the highlight of the semester. Hands down. 

She starts off by going around and needling 5 points in all the students' ears. Some students say no thanks but the vast majority usually take the plunge and go for it. This is always followed by phones being whipped out for ear pictures. Chas joined in the needles fun and I joined in the picture-taking fun. (I've also had my ear needled before but decided not to this time for whatever reason.)

Then Nina, the magical acupuncturist, gives a captivating run-down on Chinese medicine theory, Chinese herbs, her acupuncture success stories, and the benefits of alternative forms of health care. Next comes the demonstrations. She saves the best for last. 

Nina does three different demonstrations on student volunteers. Each demonstration involves fire. My personal favorite is when she ignites a slice of ginger root and then, while still burning, rubs it along a student's bare back with homemade salve. 

Yeah. This presentation will blow your mind.
Seeing my students' reactions to the acupuncture presentation will never, ever, ever get old. 

Just another night teaching college. 
Don't even worry about it.   


Emma said...

i'm going back to college just to take your class. heaven knows i could use a little stress management!

melissa said...

Oh goodness. That's so cool!!! At first I thought it looked painful but you clearly know what you're doing miss teacher! =)

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness... I wouldn't have made it out of your class without passing out! Haha... I have a real, honest-to-goodness phobia of needles, and that might have done me in. Very cool thing for a class though! It's always nice when teachers really work hard and find cool demonstrations for their students. :)

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Sam you crack me up! "Just another night teaching college. Don't even worry about it." I laughed so hard!!!
I've seen acupuncture presentations before, but I've always been too chicken to participate. Maybe one day I'll go for it... maybe...


Maria said...

That is so awesome! I would so take a class if it were offered down here!

Kendra said...

This is so amazing! What a sport!


Lissa Chandler said...

oh my, i just laughed a good laugh at that picture. and at everything i read about the presentation. i would probably be the student that said no to the pins but that's because i'm a wimp.

Kandice said...

this is so awesome! my friend goes to uvu and i actually asked her if she's ever seen ya and she said you teach there. much to my surprise your next post is about it. not only about it but i'm about to drive over there and sign up for your coolcool class ;) haha

Gaby said...

Awesome... I've never tried acupuncture but i've heard really good things. Do you like it?

Alexa Mae said...

Holy moly!!! That's crazy. You are awesome. I had no idea you taught. That is so cool.

Shalyn said...

Oh wow, part of me thinks all of it is way too out there and weird for me, but the bigger part of me wants to try it really badly!

ashley.warner said...

my mom loves acupuncture!

and i decided I want to be a student in your class.
pretty please?!

Kristina said...

I have had acupuncture done! Sounds like it is a very interesting class! Chas looks thrilled!

Annie said...

I just stumbled onto your blog through I think Busy Bee Lauren. (can't remember because I have been reading your archives for too long)
I'm in AZ but now I want to come to UT just to take your class. This sounds like a riot and your course in general sounds perfect for me. (The A-type, over-stressed personality)

Love your blog (definitely the title) and your words.

:) Thanks for sharing you!