Monday, April 11, 2011

Pretend fashion blogger!

You can find me here today:

Fashion Blogger for a day

So head on over to Freckles in April if you wanna see me trying to know stuff about fashion.

(Pretend I didn't ask my 14 year-old sister last night to go shopping with me so she can help me buy cute spring clothes. Annnnnd, while we're at it, let's also pretend that basically this entire outfit doesn't belong to that same little sister.)

I'm cool. 


MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

I love it.

definitely should post more fashion posts-- in my opinion :)

P N said...

please post more about fashion,
I like your blog so far, nice pictures:)

Megan said...

i am so behind on your blog and it is upsetting me. i want a painting. bad. for my future unpurchased home in so-cal. get workn on it. thanks.

Rachael said...

Loved your guest post.
I need to get some more colorful clothes for my wardrobe! You've inspired me.

Kelley @ Kelley Maria said...

Your blog is great! I love the layout of it. I am looking forward to following along :)

Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog!

melissa said...

LOVE fashion posts!!!!! You need to do more! xoxo

Anonymous said...

so cute! :)

Ria said...

I love your outfit! Your blog is pretty interesting... I like it. I have a fashion blog and you should check it out.