Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Honey, I'm hoooome!

This picture doesn't have anything to do with the post. But, no matter how hard I try, I just can't get enough of this face.
(I'm not trying at all.) 


(Archie takes such good care of his baby. Really.)

Today was a looooong day at work. 

4 groups (adult discharge planning, child art therapy, adolescent art therapy, multi-family adolescent art therapy)
1 department lunch meeting
1 adolescent assessment
1 ten-minute power nap
lots and lots of charting
a 10-hour work day. 

(I'm bad at math.)


And now I'm writing this post while Chas is playing on his iPhone. Probably Angry Birds. 
What we should be doing is folding laundry. 

Whatevs. It's wind-down-time, blogging/Angry Birds style. 

Just the way we like it. 

Annnnnnd....we'll probably skip the laundry folding and go straight to bedtime snugging. 


mrs. autumn said...

That definitely sounds like a busy one! Days like that make me enjoy lazy ones though haha :)

Jenna said...

This is going to sound so pathetic and make it obvious that I have children, but one of my favorite things to do is fold laundry with my hubby while we chat about our day. We just pile it all up on the bed, get comfy and start folding!

And your doggie is way cute.

Diana Smith said...

I am so with you girl! Somedays its just not fun to do housework after a long day even though its what needs to be done! Take the night off, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

That seriously is one of the cutest and fluffiest faces I've ever seen!

I am Megan said...

I just fell in love with your pup! No wonder you can't get enough of him!

JelenaDoll ~ said...

Aw he is so cute! :)

the momma-kana said...

Love the picture! And I am all about windingdown time! Cyber-style of course :)

Ashley said...

Sounds like you deserved to go to bed early - what a day!

Kristyn Ellen said...

Cuuuute photo. Dog pictures get me every time. Hope you're feeling rested!

Drea said...

Wait, your pup's name is Archie?
I love it.

Anonymous said...

You are a very busy person! And your dog is so cute. Hope you enjoyed bedtime snuggling. :]

Julie said...

Laundry folding is so overrated. Why fold when it can either sit in a pile in the dryer or in the laundry basket?!

rachel said...

Such a pretty face! I am in love!

Maggy said...

that face! I don't blame you one bit.

chrissy said...

i know, right? dishes vs. doctor who? lemme grab a snack, doctor, i'll be right with you! dishes be damned.