Monday, June 6, 2011

While we're gone: BUSY BEE LAUREN!

Hey look, guys! I got a bloggy celeb to guest post for me!
If you don't know Busy Bee Lauren, then either 1. you don't blog much, or 2. you don't blog much.

There's really no other reason why you wouldn't know of her. She's kinda a big deal.


hi everyone! my name is lauren, and i blog over at busybeelauren :)
if you are a reader of my blog, you know i love thrifting and i love finding great vintage things!
today i am going to share with you my very favorite vintage finds!
this vintage blazer! love the colors!
this beautiful the bottom hem ruffle :)
this little hootie owl!

this 1960's dress
this 1970's dress
this polka dot dress
this wall decor :)
this polka dot skirt
this gingham dress
this pretty jars :)
this floral 1980's dress
this polka dot ascot blouse
this sweet print :)
this yellow dress
this color blocked dress
and this polka dot dress.
can you tell i love polka dots, owls and vintage?
oh, and using smilies? :) haha!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

that owl print is amazing. so much pretty in one post!

Cassie Nafziger said...

I love all of these dresses & am especially fond of all the lovely owls! Great post!!

Nina said...

oh I love the dresses! and Lauren's blog! :) it's... well... awesomespice! great post and great photos! the owls are to die for, so cute! :)

Amy said...

Lauren, could you please sell your dresses? I would buy like 90% of them. I really mean 100%, but 90% sounded less weird. I love them ALL!

amy day to day

Jenny said...

that's impressive! i love all of those dresses. makes me wanna go thrifting right this second.

Alisha said...

Great thrift finds!! Makes me want to back out there and find some cute vintage dresses too.

And apparently I don't blog much, because this is the first I've come across Lauren. LOVE her tho!!


Gentri said...

Oh lauren. Either 1. you are just the best thrift shopper EVER! or 2. Arizona is loaded with thrift store treasure!

Ashley Sloan said...

I love all of those dresses...I am obsessed with dresses...maybe I need to look into random thrifting stores...I've never thrifted in my life...haha. Great pics of course! :)

Ashley Sloan, Check out my giveaway :) Win a Zephyr hat of your choice for your hubby/dad/or yourself!

Bon Bon said...

What a cutie! Love all of those owls too. I'm kind of obsessed with owls and birds. And clothes. xoxo

Chelsea said...

you can neeeever go wrong with polka dot. i am convinced of this :)

Ashley said...

Awesome finds! Feel like coming to VA and showing me your thrifting ways?

Britney Jean said... make me fall in love with dresses all over again. not that i ever didn't like them. but you do the dress well :)

kate said...

miss lauren is my cousin's sister in law. they're tight. and i like to pretend that she's my friend because of it. ha. i stalk her blog all the time. some people just wear red lipstick so well and she is one of them!

Emma said...

i am jealous of her amazing thrifts. such pretty dresses!