Monday, August 22, 2011

sponsor YPIL in September!

September is going to be an exciting month around these parts. 
I have huge giveaways on both The Weigand's and The Daybook

Look out, kids. 
There's gonna be tons of traffic coming from both these blogs which means tons of traffic for my sponsors, too!

So whattcha say? 
Wanna share in the tons-of-traffic fun with me?

Here are some testimonials from two of our current sponsors: 

"Working with Sam from Young People in Love has been one of the best experiences of my blogging 'career.' I have gotten more traffic and more followers than ever before! When I look at my daily statistics, there are always tons of hits coming from YPIL alone! When I first signed up to sponsor, I felt like my blog was just a measly little thing with no readers. But, by the end, I was up to almost 170 followers and counting! It has been a pleasure to work with YPIL and is easily one of the best sponsor decisions I have made. If you choose to sponsor Young People in Love, trust me, you wont regret it!"
- Megan of And Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

"Young People in Love is EASILY one of the best sponsorship opportunities in the blogosphere. Within the FIRST day of sponsoring, I got almost 100 followers from this blog! Not only that, the readers I've gotten from YPIL haven't just been 'one click wonders.' They are coming back daily and they span across many different demographics. My readership has continued to grow exponentially and it's all because of YPIL! There's no doubt that YPIL could play a major role in making your blog or website a success!"
-Elle of Elle Keeps Moving

CLICK HERE for more info on current stats and rates.  

Email to reserve your spot! 

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love out loud said...

I hope your day got better! Although I don't have an iphone I know that that app instagram is addictive!