Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sponsor Love {crowley party}

You probably already know about Crowley Party

But if you don't, you should. 
They're kinda a big deal. 

Plus they appreciate zombies and Ferris Bueller.
What more could you ask for?


Stesha said...

i love Alycia and the Crowley Party!

Classic & Bubbly

Kari said...

I love Alycia and the Crowley Party, too! :) I like how you do these mini-features for your sponsors...great idea!

Emma Frances said...

Alycia is awesome. And seriously, what more do you need than Ferris Bueller and zombies?!

Megs said...

love her! :)

Rae Veda said...

She's so cute! XO, Rae

Deidre said...

I certainly can appreciate anyone who has a love for Ferris!

provo lady said...

Bueller? Bueller?

That movie is da bomba!
lurrrv it!

love your blog too BTW