Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a Sam & Chas rap!

This is my little broski-in-law, Parker. 
Parker is probably one of my favorite people. 

He is kind, creative, super quirky, and handsome. (Seriously, though. Look how cute he is!)
Parker just moved away to start his first year of college. 
We already miss his hugs. 

Parker also raps. 
And we're not just talking rapping along with Kanye on the radio like me. We're talking rapping in a band that plays at legit places in Provo, Utah like the Velour. 

And because I'm Parker's favorite in-law, he wrote a rap about me and Chas! 
...Also, because I asked him to.

So here it is! Salmon Jazz! (Sounds like "Sam and Chas")

Best 52 seconds of your day so far, right?

Some people think that rappers don't use index card notes to remember their raps. I'm so glad Parker could finally dispel that myth for us all. 


Anonymous said...


Jenna said...

haha, he's so hard core with his quilt on. :)

I loved it!

LaynahRose said...

lol not even gonna lie, I couldn't take that seriously :) So cute that he wrote you your very own rap though!

Amanda said...

salmon jazz. love it :)

Caitlin said...

Hahaha amazing. He and Chas look a LOT alike, by the way!

Nicole said...

haha! so awesome. gotta love family!!

Emmy said...

If only more people would be brave enough to combine a fish and music genre into a song title.
Genius stuff right there.

Emma Frances said...

Haha. This is hilarious. One of these days I'll have to make a video of my brother rapping in Spanish. It's hilarious. :]

Young and Fabulous said...

This. Was. AMAZING!!

what an awesome bro-in law! I love rapping. I find myself rapping so much that I cant believe I'm white. haha jk jk ;-)

this was amazing i loved it so much!


Bon Bon said...

52 seconds well spent:-) Parker is the bomb.com. xoxo

Anonymous said...

hilarious/talented! is the mc chris t-shirt his rapper name?

Eliza said...

what's the reference to "mr. leggings" about? as ever, this inquiring mind wants to know.

Parker said...

mr leggings is a game that sam and chas play where they balance on one leg and see how many times they can move their feet back and forth. it's kinda hard to explain.

mc chris is a rapper who wrote a song about bobo fette, the bounty hunter in star wars. My rapper name is PK Wizard-Chester, or something.

Parker said...

also, thanks for posting this, sam! I got, like, more than a hundred views! that probably earned me a few nickels. you don't mind posting my other videos on you blog do you? :)

Nathi said...

He's so gorgeous!!! (:

I love your blog and the love you have for this people.

elledoubleyouu said...

The blanket is what really makes the video. Haha this is adorable and hilarious!

♥ LW