Friday, October 14, 2011

my favorite part of the week

is, ironically, Sunday night. 

I actually also dislike Sunday night because it means the next time I wake up, it'll be Monday morning. Boo. 

But let me tell you why I mostly love Sunday night. 

On Sunday evening, after we've brushed our teeth, read our scriptures, said our prayers, and are all tucked in bed, this happens: 
Chas writes in his journal. 

When he's finished, he hands it over to me, and I get to read what he's written about the past week of our life together. 

It's always such a fun little peek into how Chas views things and what stands out to him as being important that week. 
And the way he expresses himself in his writing just cracks me up. Silly boy. 

As nice as change can be, it's also good to have some consistency, some regular routines that you can always count on. It feels comforting.
That's what Chas' Sunday night journaling is for me. 

Side note: 
Just as I was finishing up this post, Chas came to get me from the computer and led me into the bedroom while covering my eyes. 
"Ta-Da! It's a Halloween-time Jack-o-Lantern bed! Look at his toothy grin!"

Lest you thought changing the bed sheets was just an ordinary chore.

"I make a mean bed. And by "mean" I mean quite happy."

Oh how I love that husband of mine. 


just enough foolishness said...

Jack-o-Lantern bed! Y.P.I.L never fails to make me think and make me smile.

Summer Inc said...

How sweet!!!! What a fun tradition.

btw Love the jack-o-lantern bed theme! Perfection!

Young and Fabulous said...

this is just AWESOME. I'm totally going to try the jack-o-lantern bed

i also love that chas writes and lets you read it :-) he should just start a blog so we can all read his thoughts haha!

have a great weekend pretty lady!

Erin said...

What a sweet man! :) I love that he journals and that he shares his heart with you :) Anyone who can turn everyday chores into something fun and goofy like that is a keeper to me!

eryka {from abcde} said...

haha i love this post. you two are soo cute.

i died laughing at the jack o lantern bed picture. i can see my husband doing that too. haha


Jenna said...

That's so cute!

SarahAnn said...

He let's you read it.
It's such a perfect picture of being so open and sharing everything with your spouse. Absolutely smitten with your little ritual.

Isn't it great to have a husband who thinks of the littlest things--like Jack O'Lantern beds?! :)

Rae Veda said...

I love Sunday night too. Great great night. My favorite day of the week. xo, rv

Emma said...

haha too funny. that is really cool he journals, such a great habit.

Mrs. Ham said...

so cute! your headboard is soooo great! love that he's a lefty! my hubs is too!

Chelsea Coleen said...

o . m .g. i dont think it gets any cuter.

i think your hubby and my boyfriend should go into a bed making business. you need to read this post:

Amanda said...

Y'all are seriously too cute.

Jessica Wray said...

That's really cool he does that, and even cooler that you get to read it!

great bed making skills!


Ashley said...

You two are SO sweet!

Emmy said...

Hahaha, he's a sweet one!

laurenjeanallece said...

You and Chas make me smile... I am so happy knowing love like this exists!

Thanks for sharing a peek into your lives!

Caitlin said...

What a sweet little ritual! Love you guys. And love your new layout!

yours truly said...

This is such a sweet post. You and your husband seem to be so in love-- guess it fits your blog name!
Have a great weekend!
xoxo - Bekah

Bon Bon said...

You guys are such sweethearts! Love is fun:-) xoxo

Abby said...

How cute! both the bed and the journaling :)

L!$@ said...

Too cute :D

sarah nicole said...

He is such a sweetheart. You are both so lucky! : )



Ana Magdalena said...

my favorite part of the week is Friday night because I get to be home and the thought of having the entire weekend off makes my heart giggle.

Ashley said...

oh my goodness.. i think this is the cutest/sweetest thing I have ever heard of!! love it!

walking dot photography said...

Ha! I'm glad that he enjoys the little things in life! :)