Saturday, November 5, 2011

aaaand we're back!

Just some iPhone preview shots of our new apartment.

Hey, guys. 
Sorry to be so blog MIA.
After a whole week, we finally got the internet service working at our new place.

At first, it was really weird not having internet access on our home computer. 
But then something unexpected happened. 

I was totally fine and even happy without internet.
Honestly, it was a real breath of fresh air to be temporarily disconnected from the virtual world.

With no internet, we've had plenty of time to focus on unpacking, organizing, eating breakfast and dinner in bed, telling each other how much we love our new place, snugging, and watching the snow fall outside our bedroom window for an hour this morning. 
Mmmm. Hmmm. 

And now...

I'm writing this blog post while Chas is watching football and Facebooking on his phone at the same time. 

We're back. 


Irene said...

Glad you're back! :-)

Nataliela said...

Haha this made me nod along soo much :)I love days without technology, it's surprising how much it affects our life though.

My boyfriend has just moved to Canada[i live in the uk :( ] and he's been complaining that he doesn't know what to do on his days off and "it's boring".especially as his PS3 can't work over there.. I keep telling him to go and explore the city! Sometimes boys don't really know what to do without technology..
But yess it's great to have you back! :-)

Allie said...

I absolutely love that shower curtain! Glad you're back!

Jenna said...

Love those pillows! I need me some chevron in my life, before it up and goes out of style.

How are you feeling, mama?

Erin said...

Your place is looking great! WHat a nice break to really just spend time together and enjoy your new place!

SaffaKate said...

Sometimes it is so refreshing to take a break and switch off technology. Its amazing how much stuff you can get done. haha!

I just LOVE that shower curtain. Where did you get it? I NEEEEED!

Elena said...

Oi I missed you guys!

I get what you mean about technology though. I try to limit my usage of on Shabbat. So from Friday at sundown till Saturday at sundown. If I we're braver I wouldn't use electricty at all.

I am very happy to see things are settling into place quickly for your guys!

Caitlin said...

Glad you guys are back! <3 Apartment looks lovely!

Kari said...

Your last 3 sentences made me laugh out loud because it's SO TRUE. I'm the same way! :)

wildchild said...

wooo new house! and new baby to go inside the new house! so many exciting changes lately :)

Emma Frances said...

So happy you're back!! :) And your new place looks adorable! I can't wait to see the cute nursery for your little crying!!

Foster said...

I am glad to see you back. Love the rug. Thank you for the picture of Abby, its adorable.