Friday, November 18, 2011

Mercedes Macarons

Mmmm...yes, please? 

Making real-deal French macarons can be tricky business.

But never fear! 

Mercedes has gotten the tricky part already figured out for you! 
Mercedes Macarons sells pre-made French macaron mixes in both vanilla and chocolate (vanilla forms the base for any other flavor). 
Each package includes all of the dry ingredients necessary, a piping bag, and parchment paper. All the ingredients are precisely measured according to Mercedes' own tried and true recipe. 

So, if you have a kitchen, you can make your very own macarons!
And guess what.
Mercedes also offers private macaron-makin' classes at your own home.
So you don't even have to read a recipe on your own. 

Or, if you're cool like me, you can be even one step lazier and just stop by Mercedes Macarons at the Bijou Market this weekend in Provo, UT and buy some. 

Yum in the tum! 


SaffaKate said...

I have NEVER even tasted a macaroon and I'm totally dying to try them out. This is perfect.

Amanda said...

You're a savior! I'm so intimidated by making macarons, but this might actually get me to make them!

Anonymous said...

macaroons are so yumm! :)

Lost&Found said...

Those look lovely. I've never had a macaroon, but I know i'm missing out on something big. I mean, they are just so pretty!