Monday, December 5, 2011


I'm so excited to introduce you to our friends and neighbors (for real- they live two blocks down from us)!
I also went to high school with both these guys. 
Perfect match made in the cutest artsy heaven. 

Hue is here today to tell you more and share an early Christmas present with you!
Let me introduce myself, my husband, and our blog to you.  I'm an artist, Hum's a guitarist.  I met (and fell for) Hum when we were awkward teenagers in high school way back before I knew I wanted to be a hue and before he knew he wanted to be a hum.  We got married a couple years after that, and now that we're grown-ups (well, not really) we create art and music for a living.  I (Hue) am the pen and brush (literally) behind the Hue & Hum blog.  I paint for a living and am an aspiring artist.  Hum plays the electric guitar like nobody's business.  He plays in the band Fictionist who, believe it or not, recently got signed to Atlantic Records!... and yes, we were very excited.  
A couple of months ago Hum and I were playing a Christmas carol called, "Were You There On that Christmas Night?", ever heard of it?  It's one of our favorites.  We were working on it for a different project, but we had so much fun we thought, "Heck.  We should record our own christmas album!". And so we did.  
Hum oversaw the production of the album.  He recorded guitars in our tiny bathroom at home, layered effects, and made sure everything sounded extra groovy.  I oversaw the album art and production, and it would be easy to argue that I had a little too much fun.  I felt like I was in 3rd grade again, I built a little diorama-like set up with fabric, cardboard, and ugly little plastic glittery snowflakes.  Here is a music video showing the in-process album artwork with the third track from the album, "Angels We Have Heard on High".  Enjoy.

>> You can pick up Hue & Hum Christmas via Hue's etsy shop.

Guess what!?  Here's a giveaway you can all win!
>> Follow Hue & Hum on facebook for a free christmas download!


Aren't they the coolest? 
They are also just genuinely kind, great people. 
And hard, hard workers. 

Can't beat that. 

And seriously, friends, this is a really fun album. 
Hue dropped a copy off at our place and I've been listening to it all day. 
Good Christmas stuff!


Rae Veda said...

This is seriously adorable. I love it. xo, rv

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

my husband plays guitar and I started playing this... and he goes "Who is that?!" haha I told him who you guys were and it peaked his interest (hard to do yah know!) He loves ambient and progressive stuff, so this was right up his alley :)

Kendra said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Laura Nelson said...

Wow wow im in love :) They are beautiful & Im so excited! Im definitely getting their CD :)

Jessica said...

Artsy people are my favorite kind in all the world. This. Is. Awesome!!!

A Jax said...

I just love everything about this post! How cute are they?!?! I just love her hair in ever shot/video!!! What a talented/adorable couple:-)

Emily Baker said...

Love Hue & Hum. Great couple!

Mrs. Janney said...

I bought a print and the CD and I CANNOT WAIT for them to get here. :)

Jared sufr said...

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