Monday, December 19, 2011

last week's highlights

I almost can't believe how busy we were last week!

We made lots of homemade bread braids (Chas learned to braid!) for friends' Christmas presents.

My little sister came home from her mission.

We went to work Christmas parties and friend Christmas parties. 

We had scones and hot chocolate at Chas' parent's house. 

We found out the gender of little cryings (I promise the announcement is coming soon!). 

We ate margherita pizzas and gelato for my mom's birthday. 

All day Saturday, we got to film and interview people behind-the-scenes at the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas concert. 
(I was this close to Jane Seymour!)

I dyed my hair.

Yesterday, we had a family party for Rosie's homecoming and a second Thanksgiving.

Last night, we had a yummy ham dinner with Chas' family, set up the nativity, read the Christmas story scriptures, and sang every single Christmas hymn (including one Chas' dad wrote himself!). 

...I need a nap. 


Urban Wife said...

Sounds like a lovely week/end. Happy Monday and enjoy that well deserved nap. :)

Jenna said...

wow, you really did have a busy week! it sounds lovely, though. love the photos!

Lindsey Lea B said...

Your pictures are most lovely, I always love looking at them :) The braided bread is beautiful, did you make that?!

Jenny said...

Those pizza braids look amazing. I'm impressed.

Ruthie Hart said...

you should def share the homemade bread braid recipe :-)

Annie said...

My goodness! You need a vacation from the holidays! ;)
I'm feeling the same way too! So much to do and not enough time!

Nataliela said...

Aww this sounds like such a christmassy week! How lovely is that. I can imagine in a few years you'll be writing about the nativity play that your little cryings has been involved with and just how adorable he/she (can't wait to find out which!) was in their role..
It's lovely hearing about people getting really involved with christmas activities.I don't do anything until christmas day. But it sounds sweet :)

Bridget said...

that all sounds lovely - and i haven't commented yet though i saw that you were pregnant awhile back... congratulations! i am so happy for you guys. babies are the best thing ever and yours is lucky to have you :)

and jane seymour! brings me back to the days of dr quinn medicine woman.

charla beth said...

perfection. :) such a sweet, sweet week.

Charla said...

I love the Kershisnik nativity! My all-time favorite, after studying tons of them in Paris. A midwife and doula? and she's breastfeeding? a million yesses.

Lisa @ MMT said...

Love all these pictures! Looks like a great week :)

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