Wednesday, February 22, 2012

valorie clark photography

How much do we all love that tree in the background of this shot?!

Check out her blog and drool over her travel photos like I did! 

Today, we have Valorie here to tell you all a little more about her work: 

To me, photography is all about finding the beauty that already exists in any place and any moment, then highlighting it. It's about being real and having courage. Sessions with Valorie Clark Photography are about having fun, being genuine, and laughing. Laughing A LOT.
Real simple. 


All that plus look how cute she is!
Give Valorie some blog love and have a happy Wednesday!


Maria said...

Her work is absolutely beautiful! I love that a lot of her pictures are very real, not really posed (only a little)!

Simply Valorie said...

Aww thanks, Maria! That means a lot to me. :)

Thanks to you to, Sam!