Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a little italy in the living room

When Chas was 19, he served a 2-year mission for our church in Italy. 
For Christmas, his parents gave us this super amazing gift of having all these vintage Italian travel posters framed. 

In my nesting craze, we decided to try and hang these puppies up ourselves. 
It ended with me screaming, in tears, six huge holes in the wall, and no pictures hung successfully.
 I knew it would be tricky to get these to be perfectly in line and symmetrical but I didn't think it would send me into a full-on meltdown. 
Silly me. 

Who ARE these people who effortlessly hang perfect groupings of artwork on walls that I see all over the internet???
I'll tell you who they are. 

Rocket scientists. 
People who are paying someone else to do it perfectly for them. 

There are no other options. 
Actually, I take that back. 

A third option could involve some sort of wizardy. Probably. 

All this is to say that we had to pay someone to do the job right. 
And when I say "we," I mean Chas' parents. (We love you, Kevin and Khaliel!!!)

So happy with how these turned out! 


Jenna said...

Maybe they're just lucky! Haha. This is why I have exactly 0 artwork collages in my home. It's hard enough for me to hang just one piece of art!

You should have seen my husband and I trying to hang our daughter's name letters in her room. I thought we would surely end up divorced.

Your living room looks great. I see a little bit of France on the rug, too. ;)

Annton Beate Schmidt said...

perfect! I assure you, even after so many years of hanging pictures, it is always a drama. and for some things, we'll simply have ask others who know. you cannot do it all. your place is looking divine, by the way.

Tracy said...

this looks like it's from a magazine! ps- getting so excited that our little girls will soon be here! best of luck, hope all is going well!

Katie Marie said...

It looks really good!! I also LOVE your carpet!

{Just} Sara said...

i'm pretty sure that is the greatest living room i've ever seen. i love how it is decorated. brilliant!

Nikki Olmstead said...

it looks so awesome!

the easy way is to cut paper the size of your art and then tape it up where you want and then mark where the holes will go.

Elisabeth Gee said...

Not only are those pictures gorgeous, but your room is gorgeous too!!! I LOVE the rug and the pillows!! SOOO cute! :) :)

Caitlin said...

We totally suck at hanging anything too! It looks amazing though. I love it!

Annie said...

Well they look great!
And my brother served in Italy! (Catania mission)

yours truly said...

They look great! Love the pillows!

Hillary said...

I have the same vintage posters in a smaller version! I also got this summer in Italy on a study abroad. I like how you arranged them.

Maria said...

God y'alls living room is to die for! It's SO beautiful!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Those prints are so pretty, Italy is the best! Also, I love that rug, so cute! :)

Saskia said...

Screaming and in tears, that sounds familiar. Which is why I let B. do all the handyman work around the house, together with a friend of his. The friend is a stickler for detail which means my house looks great when he leaves!

Eloquent English said...

Coming over from Merrick's Art! I love your blog! 2 year mission! Love finding another Christian blogger! I can understand the frustration of hanging a bunch of pictures in a collage. It's one thing if you have 1 picture, but when you have multiples it makes it difficult! xoxo A-

Jenna said...

The prints look fantastic!!!! What a thoughtful gift! And Chas' parents are quite talented- it really does take some serious skills to hang frames so perfectly! Haha

Aimee said...

i love this. i decided to go the route of having pictures put up as a collage and not in straight lines. that way i dont have to deal with the frustration of it all.

Megan said...

your living room is GORGEOUS!! i LOVE it!!

Elle Keeps Moving said...

looks so amazing.

krystamae said...

Ha! looks great! Hire an architect next time you want to hang :) we love to measure! And where did you ever find that rug? I have been looking and would like to browse where you found that!

Dawn said...

I was told once to lay out pictures on wax paper so you could see where the holes needed to go and then hang the wax paper level and prick holes through it onto the wall.
I know this, of course, didn't help this go around... but maybe if you have to do it again in the future :)

Hannah said...

They look amazing-- well laid out :)

But can I just say how in LOVE I am with the rug---- Where is it from????

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