Friday, April 27, 2012

the best things in life

Chas and his little sis, Babetta, at the screening of her film last weekend. 
Love this pic.


This week has been lovely. 
I've been sleeping in, reading birthing books, grading papers, and watching cupcake wars. 

Tuesday evening was spent going on a walk around the neighborhood (which is almost miraculous that I was physically able to do so). 
So we celebrated that feat with some frozen yogurt. 

Wednesday night, Chas and I made coconut cupcakes. From scratch. At midnight. 

Thursday was my last day of working at the hospital. 

Last night we also made homemade 7up biscuits from this amazingly perfect and easy recipe I found on Pinterest. 
Then we dropped off some cupcake love to our friends which turned into Chas playing video games with the husbands and me hanging out, talking about babies, with the wives who happen to also be preggs and kindred spirits. 

On today's agenda is my first pedicure in probably 6 years and then Thai food and games with friends. 

Gotta cram in as much sleeping, relaxing, pampering, and eating out before little cryings gets here!
And cupcakes. 
And frozen yogurt. 
Biscuits, too.

Good thing we're pros at all those activities. 


Sky said...

Yay pedicure! Definitely get some pampering in while you can :-)

The Taylors said...

happy you stopped by last night-it was fun to talk to you. I am anxiously awaiting little girls arrival!! CANNOT WAIT!

Shelby said...

Just wanted to let you know that you're beautiful, don't ever forget that:)


wildchild said...

sounds like a perfect little pre-baby week :)

Cathy said...

You know what? I went to school with Steph (the Plain Chicken lady). Elementary school on up to high school. We were in the marching band together. True story. She played the trombone. Those 7 up biscuits really are delicious.