Monday, April 9, 2012

bunny cakes

So we made these little guys for Easter dinner and then we
...photographed them in their natural habitat. 


I found the idea for these cakes on Pinterest (see! I'm already getting my project/crafty-momma on!). 
They were super easy to make which was good news for me because I've never done anything like this before. 
Basically, if you can mix together a box cake mix, you can do this.

We used carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and coconut for the fur. 
Jelly bean eyes and noses and paper ears. 
For the brown bunny, we just dyed the frosting and coconut light brown with food coloring. 

You can find the instructions here

We were also planning on putting a tiny easter basket, carrot, or peeps on the cake stand, next to the white bunny. 
But that clearly never happened. 

Good intentions, though. 
And project/crafty baby steps. 

Baby bunny steps. 


Rachel said...

Those are adorable! My family makes those very bunny cakes every year for Easter and they are the best tradition ever! Even if sometimes eating a bunny (cake) seems cruel and sad? oh well.

Aimee said...

That bunny looks pink, not brown. But they are adorable nonetheless. I hope those were as yummy as how adorable they look.

Maria said...

Oh lord, they're so cute!

Hannah said...

adorable!!! :)

Eloquent English said...

So cute! I love them!!! xoxo A-

Lai Yen Yi said...

How cute are your bunny! But I think it should be pink more than brown. Why don't you try some rice?