Thursday, April 19, 2012

musings on the last day of class

Another semester has come to an end.
After today's final exam review, all that will be left to do is grade papers and calculate final grades. 

And now I've been teaching college for three full years. 
That's crazy to me. 

I feel proud of myself.

I've come a long way in my abilities as a professor. 
I sometimes think back to the very first class I taught. It feels so long ago. I had no idea what I was doing then and am grateful I had a patient group of students to work with. Those poor students. 

It's different now. 
I feel confident and comfortable when I'm teaching. 

I'm good at it. 
It's empowering to know that you've worked hard to become good at something.

At the same time, I'm still learning. Which I also love. 
There will always be interactions with students that cause me to stretch and, at times, learn from my mistakes. Such experiences can be tricky but, ultimately, beneficial in helping me progress as both a professional and as a human. 

I was thinking last night about how interesting it is that the people who are closest to me, such as my family, have never seen me teach. They've never seen me in that important element of my life. They've never seen the skills I've acquired to be an effective professor. Only my students- strangers, in comparison- know this side of me. And sometimes that makes me feel like my family doesn't really know who I am- at least all of who I am. 

Strange how the people who you think know you the best of all, actually don't in some very important ways. 

Not a good thing, or a bad thing. 
Just surprising, I suppose.

It's like this little secret about Sam that I keep and share with strangers. 

Well, time for class.  


Britty said...

So great! I'm about to wrap up my second year as a college professor, and I can totally relate to this. Although wow, you're done so early! We still have another week, then finals.

Rachel said...

I was wondering how you became a professor- did you have a lot of teacher training etc or were you really left to figure it out for yourself? I'm applying to those kinds of jobs now and am just interested in other people's experiences.

Anna said...

I am a college student right now and it is so great to hear from a teachers perspective. I guess I never really think about school from the perspective of a teacher. Thanks!

Maria said...

This is so awesome! It's really great to see a professor who loves teaching. I'm in college right now, and it's hard to see the other side sometimes.

laurenjeanallece said...

That's how I feel about my best friend - he's a wildland firefighter and it's crazy to think how I will never see him in action, in his element, doing this amazing job that is so much a part of him. I can hear stories, see pictures... but that's about it.

It's amazing knowing what he's capable of though!

mel. said...

I feel the same way a lot of the time. I'm a speech therapist in a nursing home, and when I'm there, sometimes I surprise myself with how well I can do my job. And my first thought is always "I wish (hubby/my mom/sister) could see me rock this!"

emma said...

i bet you are the best teacher, i would love to take a class from you. remember how i was a nursing student at uni? i sat in a few of your sessions and you are VERY good at what you do :)

Cait said...

yay :) great job girl- you're doing fabulous!!